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Cleaning out my room and I found a scrapbook a friend made for me. This page is a summary of my personality! 


Cleaning out my room and I found a scrapbook a friend made for me. This page is a summary of my personality! 



this is still the best story ever told at a talk show

My favorite

I think I can understand where the anon is coming from as far as feeling sad about Rae and Finn because I feel it too. I love the fic because it has lots of drama and you never are sure what's going to happen next but as far as their relationship, it doesn't feel like them? I know tons of people live their lives loving different people and I'm not one to judge but it doesn't feel right with them. I can't see Finn or Rae falling in love with someone else especially while they're together.

— Asked by Anonymous

i usually just delete stuff like this, but hell, why not answer this question for the second time today…?

i’m glad you like everything except for the central characters.  what a great compliment!

i actually get this criticism on a daily basis, and i just wanna say that it’s not a valid criticism, it’s basically ‘i don’t like what you’re writing’ and that is literally just a matter of taste or preferences.

see, i think you’re thinking of season 2 rae and finn, or cannon rinn… this isn’t cannon rinn…. cos i’ve written an entire season 3 and most of season 4 in which they have grown and evolved and changed as people.  if it’s not feeling like cannon rinn - good - i’ve done my job well. cos i’ve written nearly a million words on this - they should have freakin’ changed in that time!  but they should feel like my rae and finn if you’ve actually read my rae and finn and gone on this journey with them rather than staying stuck in the last episode of season 2 the whole time. we’re long past cannon rinn now. they shouldn’t feel like season 2 rae and finn, they’ve changed - this is fresh, new territory, we’re not going over the old stuff here, we’re moving forward. which is what people do in reality - they grow and change. and given that these were 16 and 17 year olds when they got together i would love to remind everyone that the vast majority of people don’t end up with their first love and in fact do evolve and change. it’s a journey, people go through journeys. we don’t stand still forever just cos we got a guy.

and i’m glad they changed cos season 2 rae and finn were unhealthy. they’re both completely incapable of communication. he doesn’t have much of a personality and is the male equivalent of the ‘manic pixie girl’ trope. the power imbalance between them was horrendous - with him having all of it, and the fact that she had a low self esteem and couldn’t be with him somehow used as an example of her having power (cos he was metaphorically on his knees wanting to be back with her again - so people are seeing this as her having the power) and we’re somehow left with the idea that his magic penis is the solution to all problems - that he will ‘fix’ her. ew.

given the massive amount of mmfd fanfiction that is of extremely high quality i urge you to go and read that instead. given that the majority of fics i have read centre around rae and finn being the ‘one’ for each other no matter what, i am sure you can find what you’re after there, cos i haven’t read a bad mmfd fic yet. emus are a talented bunch

because i am really really tired of this particular criticism, i am going to finish with three things that three wonderful friends of mine told me i should say to future naysayers:

"if you don’t like what the fanfic writer is writing, stop reading it, don’t send a message to the writer telling them you didn’t like it. we put our time and our hearts and souls into writing these things four you for free. we don’t deserve to be criticised for writing a fic that you didn’t like."

"it’s my fic i can write what i want, go read something else if you don’t like it." 

"it’s a goddamn fic, not cannon. get over it."


— Answered by fanningon


Like Emma said, there are so many other amazingly talented mmfd fic writers, if they write a rinn that you enjoy, then read that. There is no reason what so ever to go to the writer of a fic and tell them you don’t like it. You not reading it says that already. And that is totally OK. What’s not ok is going and letting the writer, Emma, in this case, know that you don’t like it. Like, who fucking cares what you like or don’t like. That’s your buisness. People do spend an awful lot of time writing, and if they only have good intentions in bringing their story out then what’s the actual harm in that? Hmm? Canon Rinn is still there. She has not changed them. She’s writing her own version. 

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