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Niels Schneider in Heartbeats (2010), dir. Xavier Dolan

Niels Schneider in Heartbeats (2010), dir. Xavier Dolan

"For someone so intellegent, you’re being incredibly dim Sidney"

"For someone so intellegent, you’re being incredibly dim Sidney"

Sidney & Amanda

Grantchester 1x01

James playing a vicar is a dangerous game. 

spoiler as requested by ev on twitter


 Phil dropped onto the foot of his bed and sat looking up at Finn and Rae.  Rae kicked her shoes off and sat down on the bed, using Phil’s pillows to support her back, putting the condoms on the bedside table.  Finn sat on the desk, looking over at them.

They sat in silence for a moment, not sure how to proceed. 

“Wow.”  Phil sad, “I guess I’m bisexual.”  Finn made a sound in the back of his throat and nodded.

“Aye.”  He agreed.  “Not something I expected.”  Rae watched her two lads looking at each other, still figuring this thing out. 

“I suppose if it were gonna be anyone, it’d be you.  You’re such as pretty boy.”  Phil said with a cheeky grin. 

“I’ll show you pretty boy.”  Finn answered saucily and Rae enjoyed the sexually charged energy between them; it was raw and excitable.

“I have no doubt o’ that.”  Phil’s eyes never left Finn’s and Finn felt his cock stirring, just from the hungry look Phil was giving him, “I look forward to it.”

“Holy shit Phil.”  Finn breathed, “You are so fucking sexy.”  He chuckled at how unexpectedly horny he was.  Phil gave an embarrassed shrug and lowered his eyes momentarily before looking back up.

“Well out of the three of us I do have the most experience, so hopefully I can be a little sexy.” 


fanningon Look at what you’re doing to me (all of us) You genius AMAZING woman!

nick roux as phil is absolutely brilliant, i don't think i can imagine him being played by anyone else! nice job on the fancast

— Asked by Anonymous

Hey! Thank you :) I honestly can’t see anyone else as Phil either. Nick Roux is my head canon and I can’t stop making gifs of him

— Answered by itsmirallegro




have i told you that i love this fancast aiyana?

i feel like sending you the scene i was writing when i first saw it so you can see the first time he made an appearance as phil (he changes between three actors for me now - nick’s one of them)

Am I allowed to flail? Because I’m gonna flail, I am, and then I’m gonna wait patiently for that little scene because hOLY SHIT.

how about i give you a tiny bit of it as a spoiler for everyone?  i saw nick in this scene as i wrote it and it was wonderful :D


‘Speaking in Tongues’ by The Eagles of Death Metal

I got this feeling and it’s deep in my body; it gives me wiggles and it makes my rump shake.  If I should touch you, might be electrocuted: deep in your body you will get your first taste!


Phil really didn’t know where to look.  One of Linda’s eyes was narrowed in thought as she looked directly at him.  He wished he hadn’t come downstairs early to have a quiet meditate while Rae and Finn bickered and Gary tried to get someone to go over the plan for today with him.  Phil enjoyed meditating and he hadn’t done any since he’d started going out with Rae and Finn.  He’d slipped out when Rae and Finn had started bickering about her inviting her mother to come with them to this.  They’d had exams for the last two weeks so this had really been the first chance for Linda and Phil to meet each other.  It was summer break for second years, first years still had another week, and then they had the AFL match and summer ball; after that they would have nothing more to do with Stamford College.  They were all graduating with excellent marks; Phil had been the best student in the school, of course, he was actually the best student in Lincolnshire and he was one of the top 5 students in the whole country that year.  Finn and Rae had both done well; Rae was in the top 5% for the entire country and Finn was in the top 15% which had completely surprised Finn and made Gary beam with pride; he’d put the marks up on the fridge.  They still had to get their final exams back but the three of them had managed to do so well that they all had acceptance to multiple universities and thanks to the duologue competitions they all had excellent drama schools they could go to as well. 

Today they were headed to London for two nights to find a flat to live in together. 

And Gary and Linda were coming with them.

Karim would be joining them tomorrow, and Kenzie was meeting them there later in the afternoon; parents fretting and anxiously excited about where they were going to live… Parents to guide and love them and offer advice and support and to drive them insane with their unwanted opinions…

Except for Phil.  His parents weren’t going to be there.

So he went downstairs to meditate.  To centre himself.  To make sure his emotions were under control.  To hear the door bell and answer the door to Linda, who now sat opposite him at the table.

“Did you want a drink?’  Phil tried again, but Linda said nothing, the only change was that she sucked her teeth slightly, clearly appraising him.  Phil drummed his hands on the table softly, awkwardly and cleared his throat.  He had decided from the beginning that he would not explain his relationship to anyone; it was none of their business.  So he offered up no information to her, he simply attempted to be polite, but was met with a semi-icy glare and nothing else.  Silence fell as soon as he stopped tapping, but thankfully he could hear that Rae and Finn had stopped bickering and were wondering where he’d gotten too.  They had agreed to not make the third person take sides if two of them were arguing, so Phil slipping away was not entirely unexpected and they weren’t panicked about him.  Although Gary was loudly complaining about the state of the airing closet now.  Finn called out Phil’s name and Phil cleared his throat before calling back up the stairs.

“Just down here.”  He answered, his eyes not leaving Linda, “Linda’s here.”  A silence so loud that it nearly thumped the air out of Phil greeted his words, followed by a hissing whisper and loud footsteps thumping down the stairs.

“Mum!”  Rae said as she rushed into the room, “Weren’t we s’pose to be picking you up?”

“Thought we’d save time this way pet.”  Linda said stiffly.  Rae kissed Phil’s lips and turned back to her mother, her hand on Phil’s shoulder.

“Right, well we haven’t had breakfast yet, so I’ll put on some tea.” 

“I can do it!”  Phil offered, almost pleaded.  But Rae waved him off and Phil turned his eyes back to Linda.  Her expression had changed; she looked more murderous and Phil cleared his throat again.  He was glad when Finn walked in, slipping a shirt on.  Finn leaned down and kissed him before sitting beside him and putting a day plan in front of Phil.

“Good morning Linda.”  Finn said with a cheeky grin and put a hand on Phil’s thigh. 

“Finn.”  Linda said tightly, her eyes narrowed. 

“What d’you think of this plan?”  Finn asked Phil and Phil scanned the page, glad for the distraction from the look Linda was giving him.

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